About the Boston 3D City Model

What's New?

In July 2021 the BPDA is rolling out several improvements to its framework for sharing its city model. These improvements will make it easier for architecture and engineering firms, neighboring municipalities and campuses to use the elements of BPDA's model in their own city modeling projects and to share updates back and forth with the BPDA. The new model framework is designed to preserve information about terrain, buildings and ground-plan as the city changes. These capabilities will support long-term archiving, open-source community applications including collaborative research on the history of places in Boston.

Enhanced Archival and Open-Source Sharing Strategy

Improved Terrain, Bridges, Walls and Docks

New Tile Grid and Coordinate System

Learn More, Get Involved!

To read detailed documentation for each city model component and our strategy for easy model exchange, check out the Index to Documentation.

We hope that folks who are interested in using the BPDA's 3D model will find it easy to discover and download city model assets and complete tiled models that will be compatible with their tools -- including automated access and transformation of our models for use in web visualizations, virtual reality apps and gaming.

Our new repository/catalog is designed to be adapted by our collaborators in neighboring municipalities and campuses, the design development community and academic projects to organize and share their own city model project that may overlap with the city of Boston. Visit our GitHub repository to understand how it works and to download a complete working demonstration.

Soon the BPDA GIS department will be organizing a webinar to introduce this framework and learn more about how to engage with all of our neighbors who are interested in using, improving and extending our city model.

For more information on how this project links up with other municipal and historical applications around the Boston Metro area, visit the project home page of our consultant pbcGIS.com